Good Ol Fashion Travel Update Pt: 2

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Time Well Spent

Well hey there friends and family!

It seemed to us like we have not done a proper update about what we are doing/ how we are feeling lately. So consider this such a general update 🙂

We have been quite busy the past few months with plenty of visitors, new projects, new jobs, new class schedule and new adventures!! This blog will be mostly photos since we have a lot to share, and pictures say 1,000 words 😉


Over the course of a few months we had: Sarena Narsing, Doug and Kelly, Dave and Cathy & Alison and Maegan Warren come to stay a while in our part of the world. It was so amazing to share our lives here with some people back home. We are so grateful for having so many people visit us – each visit was a unique and special experience.

IMG_2038 (1)

New Projects: 

If you…

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Eco Bric-olage

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Time Well Spent

There is no Garbage collection in Chauntra or nearby Bir and local residents burn their garbage. I remember hiking with the Teachers from Sambhota in 2013 and one teacher admonishing me for not throwing my bag of garbage from our picnic into the woods. Though it hurt my soul, I finally threw it off the side of the road, rationalizing that carrying it back to Chauntra was pointless as it would be burned. It still felt pretty wrong. We westerners are pretty conditioned not to litter, though I also think we don’t think enough about where our garbage goes after we “don’t litter”. In this part of India at least, your trash is not “out of sight, out of mind” and that forces me to think about it daily.

The school has a concrete “Recycling centre” and it appeared to be abandoned for the last few years. On the side…

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The Beautiful Game that Brings us Together

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Time Well Spent

I can vividly remember some of my first experiences playing soccer. My dad had built a large soccer net out of plywood in the backyard of the farm-house where we lived in Aldergrove. He and my older brother would play out there almost every day and I – being a typical little sister – would chase them around, determined to play too. My brother’s taunts soon got to me, and I decided I wanted to go to a soccer camp, and join a team so that one day, I may be able to steal the ball from him.

Fast-forward 23 years, and I am in awe of the impact that soccer has had on my life. Living in a community of Tibetans that are crazy about soccer – or football – has given me some great opportunities to play, coach, talk about, and reflect on ‘the beautiful game’ and the reasons…

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Grip it and Rip it: A Tale of Mountain Bike Love

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Time Well Spent

I love mountain biking. There. I said it.

I wouldn’t call myself a great mountain biker. I wouldn’t even call myself a good one. But from the time shakily got on a mountain bike low those 2 or so years ago, I have come to appreciate, thoroughly enjoy and even love the sport. With the help of an amazing friend and coach, Bev Parsons, I spent my first hours mountain biking in whistler on lost lake green and blue trails. I learned “easy on the brakes, no mistakes,” I learned “keep your head up around corners” and I learned that very expensive bikes are very nice to ride.

I’ve made a snappy list about my love and appreciation as follows:


1. Mountain Biking and Exploring

Over the past few months, my love for mountain biking has only grown as I have come to realize what an amazing way biking is…

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BINGEwVANDEE Podcast to Launch Soon

Podcast Logo

By Vandee

Hello VanProver readers (whoever you are).

I just wanted to apologize for lack of content in 2017 – I’ve been hard at work prepping my upcoming podcast BINGEwVANDEE.  I’ll be releasing the first wave of episodes pretty soon, and I’ll be sure to include links on VanProver.

Big thanks to VanProver contributors Dan and Felicia for maintaining their blog Time Well Spent , and allowing me to feature their content on VanProver.

As always, VanProver is open to contributions from damn near anyone.  Vancouver-centric material is preferred, but I’m not picky.  Email submissions to .

Thank you all for your continued support,


Let the Beat Build

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Some people get paid to write a travel blog. If one writes a blog that is life-affirming and stylish enough people pay you for to travel and write. You then subtly work in product-placements and advertisements for hotels and resorts into your writing and Bob’s your uncle(1) – a career in travel writing. Blogs that are too life-affirming, well, they probably don’t encourage people to buy things. Excessively life-affirming blogs probably aren’t that marketable, more likely they cause things like pregnancies or spontaneous meadow walks. Well, I think the best way for me to get paid to do this – remember we are volunteering so extra cash is very welcome – is to write a post about moving rocks.

Randomly our schedule worked out so that Felicia teaches in the morning and one class after lunch while both of my classes are after lunch. So I don’t really have any…

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