Grip it and Rip it: A Tale of Mountain Bike Love

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Time Well Spent

I love mountain biking. There. I said it.

I wouldn’t call myself a great mountain biker. I wouldn’t even call myself a good one. But from the time shakily got on a mountain bike low those 2 or so years ago, I have come to appreciate, thoroughly enjoy and even love the sport. With the help of an amazing friend and coach, Bev Parsons, I spent my first hours mountain biking in whistler on lost lake green and blue trails. I learned “easy on the brakes, no mistakes,” I learned “keep your head up around corners” and I learned that very expensive bikes are very nice to ride.

I’ve made a snappy list about my love and appreciation as follows:


1. Mountain Biking and Exploring

Over the past few months, my love for mountain biking has only grown as I have come to realize what an amazing way biking is…

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