Good Ol Fashion Travel Update Pt: 2

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Time Well Spent

Well hey there friends and family!

It seemed to us like we have not done a proper update about what we are doing/ how we are feeling lately. So consider this such a general update 🙂

We have been quite busy the past few months with plenty of visitors, new projects, new jobs, new class schedule and new adventures!! This blog will be mostly photos since we have a lot to share, and pictures say 1,000 words 😉


Over the course of a few months we had: Sarena Narsing, Doug and Kelly, Dave and Cathy & Alison and Maegan Warren come to stay a while in our part of the world. It was so amazing to share our lives here with some people back home. We are so grateful for having so many people visit us – each visit was a unique and special experience.

IMG_2038 (1)

New Projects: 

If you…

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