Let the Beat Build

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Time Well Spent

Some people get paid to write a travel blog. If one writes a blog that is life-affirming and stylish enough people pay you for to travel and write. You then subtly work in product-placements and advertisements for hotels and resorts into your writing and Bob’s your uncle(1) – a career in travel writing. Blogs that are too life-affirming, well, they probably don’t encourage people to buy things. Excessively life-affirming blogs probably aren’t that marketable, more likely they cause things like pregnancies or spontaneous meadow walks. Well, I think the best way for me to get paid to do this – remember we are volunteering so extra cash is very welcome – is to write a post about moving rocks.

Randomly our schedule worked out so that Felicia teaches in the morning and one class after lunch while both of my classes are after lunch. So I don’t really have any…

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